Infrastructure on Highlands


On Highlands water is life! Drinking water mainly comes from 2 strong boreholes. The one is equipped with an electrical pump and the backup pump unit runs off a large diesel generator. There are other holes as well, but they are not as strong as those we have equipped. Water is pumped to two main reservoir areas and mainly gravity fed to the individual stands by means of underground piping. The high lying stands are served by a pressure pump system. In order to ensure responsible water consumption a quota of 100 litres per person per day is being enforced. A series of Fire hydrants are also strategically placed.

Electricity is available at the key communal property hubs and some homes close to the fences also have buried cable conected electricity. Overhead cabling will not be allowed and many owners prefer to use alternative energy sources.

The roads on Highlands are better than the municipal access roads. All owners can reach their areas with a normal town car. There are 4×4 routes for the more adventurous as well as a series of routes along most of our fences. This is done to assist in fence patrols and fire prevention.

We have built accommodation for farm staff as well as storage and working areas.