The following regulations guide security related issues on Highlands Wilderness

November 2007

  1. The security company is contracted as per requirement in the sectional title act to do access control and not as farm security. Owners remain responsible for security of their individual homes and of Highlands collectively. Vigilance is key.
  2. No owner or his/her guest or contractor nor related sub contractor shall interfere with the guards in any way.
  3. Guards are instructed not to react to any orders given other that that of the appointed Highlands liaison person.
  4. The guards have the responsibility to stop vehicles at the gate and cooperation with regards to all reasonable requests they may have is expected.
  5. Guards have the right to search vehicles.
  6. Guards may not receive any additional remuneration and/or perform tasks for any other party other than the duly contracted security contractor.
  7. Only providers recognized by management as providers of security services, may be used by home owners as security reaction service.
  8. When entering into such a security agreement the Highlands management need to be informed of the date of commencement as well as duration of such contract. The detail within such a contract which may bear upon the rest of Highlands must also be disclosed and agreed upon by management.
  9. All Highlands rules still applies to such security service providers for the duration of their activity on Highlands.
    Any member of management as well as any owners on Highlands has the right to stop another vehicle on Highlands for the purpose of identity verification.
  10. No gathering of workers/prospective workers or other individuals is permissible around the gate area.
  11. No buying or selling of any substance or item is allowed in the gate area.
  12. No parking in the immediate gate area. Parking will be indicated on request.