About Us


Highlands Wilderness is a privately owned (sectional title) game/nature farm in the foothills of the Waterberg, 20Km north west of Bela Bela. Download the directions and visit us!

Highlands is not focused on commercial activity and by far the majority of owners utilise the farm themselves. This ensures a community where a sense of ownership contributes to assuring harmonious relations and a tranquil atmosphere.

The farm is managed according to guidelines from a formally commissioned environmental study. These recommendations are based on a year long study period of on-site field work at Highlands and the theoretical foundation of experts from the University of Pretoria. Add to this the fact that quad bikes and scrambles are not allowed and you may well see that we work hard to ensure an ecologically sound game farm which provides peace and quiet for all.

How it works

Highlands belongs to all the owners under sectional title agreement. While other methods have been used before, we currently manage the farm through an elected board of trustees which uses monthly levies paid by owners, to appoint labour and pay expenses. We foresee the filling of the vacant position of farm manager to take care of operational management. However this can only be done once we are in a position to offer on-site accommodation.
On an emotional deviation: All the Trustees are non-paid volunteer owners. Please keep this in mind when you choose between offering your assistance and demanding services.

Highlands historically consisted of 2 farms which gives a combined area of some 1300Ha which is now registered as a single legal entity with 100 building right areas of 1Ha each. Highlands was designed for peace and quiet. This means that each owner may build a house somewhere on this 1Ha area of which the “footprint” may not exceed 250 square meters. For the math wiz this means that a maximum of 0.2% of the farm will eventually be built up. The rest of the farm is common property where owner and animal may move about freely.  Access is controlled via a game fence of 2.1m and an electric gate with 24-hour controlled entry via remote controls, access codes as well as a security guard during daytime. The farm and its parameters are patrolled on a regular basis during the week as well as on weekends. We are also not planning to introduce any dangerous species and this safe right of way results in people of all ages strolling, hiking, and mountain biking in the breathtakingly beautiful area amongst the animals.

Multiple game and bird species on a variety of topography and habitats ensure an environment ideally suited for revitalization.