Resale of Game


Resale Program

  • A detailed program must be drafted and sent to the other committee members at least two months prior to the start date of the game capture program.
  • Comments made by other committee must be done within two weeks from the date of receipt.
  • All comments are to be taken into consideration; however the final responsibility of the game capture/resale program will be that of the committee members appointed to manage the Game portfolio.
  • The drafted proposal must be so detailed to state the species, number of animals and the gender of animals that are to be sold. o Included in the spreadsheet is to be the target stocking rates of each species existing and planned.
  • An accurate record must kept of all animals sold where the species, gender and number is recorded.
  • Any losses due to injury are to be drafted in a report on the completion of the game capture/resale program.
  • Any deviations to the planned number, species and gender of animals sold are to be reported together with a justification indicating the reasons for the deviations.
  • Within three weeks of completion of the game capture/resale program a report is to be generated and send to the other committee members.

Indemnities and Notices

  • A notice must be placed at the main gate stating the date and times of the game capture and if possible the locations which are to be avoided.
  • The notice must also request owners who want to visit their homes during this game capture period to refrain from any game drives, cycling or walking as far as possible.
  • The notice must request all construction workers to limit their movements to and from the building sites as far as possible thereby limiting the disturbance of the game to a minimum. As always builders are to ensure that their employees do not move away from the building site unless it is within the confines of a vehicle.
  • For the duration of the game capture process it is a requisite that all people entering the Highlands premises will sign an “Indemnity Form” that will be presented by the guard at the main gate.
  • Where possible the area or location of the game capture will be stated.

Game Capture Procedures

  • The capturing of any animals must be done in the presence of a committee member.
  • Where for reasons beyond his control the appointed committee member cannot be present then he will appoint another committee member or homeowner to witness the event in his absence.
  • It will be the responsibility of the committee member to indicate the whereabouts of the homes to the professional game capture company to ensure that the process is handled in a safe manner.
  • All game capture must be carried out by a reputable game capture company.
  • No children or unnecessary observers will be allowed – unless prior arrangements have been made with the committee member in charge.
  • No game capture Fridays, Weekends, Public Holidays or any School Holidays.
  • Where the game capture requires the creating of a feeding place for the specific animal then depending on the location the surrounding home owners must be contacted for their permission.


  • No alcohol is allowed during the capturing process.
  • No littering.
  • The erection and removal of temporary hides, camps, etc must be done in such a manner to ensure the least possible disturbance to the environment.
  • Payment of animals sold is to be made prior to the animals leaving the premises of Highlands unless prior arrangements have been made.


  • All operations are to be handled in a safe manner both all concerned especially the animals.
  • A First Aid Kit must be on hand.