Workers Accommodation


Started: May 2007
Status: Completed October 2008

Detail: Because of the unacceptable standard of the current worker’s accommodation as well as to provide for easy access by their visitors, it was decided to build new workers accommodation.

Eventually the area will be fenced “out” so that the workers and their guests can come and go without having to go through gates. In this way the potential for leaving gates open as well as for unwanted pedestrian activity on the farm, will be minimised. The accommodation is part of the employment contract of workers and the right of stay is therefore dependent on the status of their employment. No provision is made for non-employed extended family.

The plans are drawn up and approved, ground has been leveled and after evaluating three quotations a contractor who’s quote fitted into our budget, was appointed. The expected duration of the building phase of the project is 3 months.

The contractor pulled out 🙁 While we had verbal agreement and a written quote, we did not sign full contract documentation yet and there is little sense in forcing the issue. None of the other contractors currently working on Highlands had a quote anywhere near our budget and therefore management will oversee the building activities ourselves.

Progress thus far can be seen from the 4 pictures below.

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The new establishment will have more strict house rules, but for comparison, it may be worth looking at what they left behind…