Farm Equipment

The Trustees were debating if we should put this list up since this is an open access page and in some way possessions are a private matter, but since this site is also for the benefit of owners who may not be in close contact with the affairs of Highlands, it may be beneficial to know what, apart from maintenance, your money has bought.

So here is a broad indication of collective non living assets which feature on the books. 

gw412h307 gw370h277
4×4 Tractor (blue Ford) Bulldozer “Tiny”  (small, red Massey Ferguson)
gw370h223 gw383h362
This trailer couples to the tractor’s hydraulic system and tips backwards saving time during off loading. The main use for this fellow is ground delivery during road maintenance. Water tanker
gw385h273 gw370h266
Roller. Only used in areas where the heavier vibrating roller can not be taken The scraper is a bit of an ugly duckling but it is vital for road maintenance. The rim and tyre is a makeshift weight to add to the scrapers surface impact
gw370h277-1 gw372h256
The two fire fighters are both equipped with high pressure pumps which gives more fire fighting impact with less water used. It also reaches paces where fire beaters cant get in like under bushes and down tree trunks. The red one is stored empty to enable loading on the back of any bakkie or trailer, while the green one is full and caged in a bracket that can couple to the back of the tractor. A brush cutter is basically a lawn mower with an attitude. It is used to keep the fuel load down in areas cleared earlier such as the shoulders of roads.