Farm Facts

The factors listed here are often used in property comparisons, so the items may not equally well apply to us. None the less, here is an honest self evaluation.




1 Within 200Km of Pretoria/Johannesburg Yes
2 Tarred road leading there All but last 8km
3 Off main road Entrance: yes, farm: no
4 Gates to open along the way Manned entrance gate
5 Public roads dividing property None
6 Shop Vitals at a neighbour. Commercial shops 20km
7 Fuel 20Km
8 Municipal services No (Bela Bela municipal tax applies)
9 Rectangular shape No
10 Eskom power Some common property and selected sites close to cables
11 Land line telephone No
12 Mobile phone reception Most areas
13 GPRS/EDGE/3G+ Most areas
14 Radio/TV reception Possible
15 Land claims None
16 Dependable and permanent neighbours Yes
17 Low area habitation Yes
18 Squatters/free loaders None
19 Old graves None
20 All areas reachable by sedan All homes and extensive fire break network access possible
21 All fences reachable by 4×4 Some – not all
22 Power and telephone lines Some power lines. Mainly on outskirts
23 Game fenced Effectively yes, some parts not our fence
24 Electric fencing No
25 Internal fencing Game fence at site 100. Some cattle fencing left
26 Servitudes on property None other than the registered development rights
27 Sufficient fire breaks on perimeter Yes
28 Sufficient fire breaks for burning management Mostly
29 Domestic animal handling facilities None
30 Scrap yard/Rubble heaps None
31 Loose rubble (glass tins wire) in veld None/very little
32 Steep slopes Yes
33 Quarries and dongas 1 working quarry few dongas
34 Rivers and streams Seasonal streams
35 Natural dams None
36 Dams filled year round One
37 Seasonal Dams/pans 2 Existing 2 in progress
38 Fountains Seasonal
39 Bore holes 1 dry 4 medium 2 strong.
40 Bore holes equipped 1 electrical two Diesel
41 Old fields and deforested areas Parts of the savanna
42 Large trees Some
43 Exotic trees Not any known (please report if seen!)
44 Poisonous plants Very little. Some “gifblaar”
45 Weeds in veldt little
46 Cooling facilities No
47 Housing for manager No
48 Housing for general workers Yes
49 Sheds and storage space Yes
50 Vital equipment and implementation Yes